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Amibells Trade Co is a peruvian ethnical company bornt to show to the world our heritage culture through typical products like the gold and silver products extracted of our andes mountains.

Peru is one of the main gold and silver exporters in the world, further it in our country we have more than the fourth part silver reserves in the world,

Finally, we can say that Peru has a well know reputation like producers of handicrafts of high quality, recently we combine the productivity of the modern technology and the knowledge of our artisans to offer to world products of high quality at affordable prices.

Mrs Amelia Castillo Saavedra


Only the Best

Ethnically Sourced Jewels & Materials

Products and supplies ancestrally used by goldsmiths, who have transmitted from generation to generation processing techniques. In this way we promote the development of traditional art of goldmithing.


Designed and Handmade In House

We elaborate products with our own design, as well as custom designs. With details in the development that stand out against our competitors. In such a way that our customers are completely satisfied.

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